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A Solution For Solutions

When solving an iSpy game, the picture you take does not need to be EXACTLY the same as the picture the creator took. It simply needs to contain the object you are looking for. Your photo may be taken from a different angle, distance, perspective or even throw yourself in the photo (in fact we encourage this)! For example, the following is a valid solution to the game "Cazal or Cazam?":

It is fun to see other player's solutions to a game, so last week we started displaying players' solutions alongside their review. Zacke73 mentioned in the forum that the solutions can be a "spoiler" and he's right. Usually the object you are looking for is a small part of a much larger area. Since you use clues in the picture to find the object, seeing other player's solutions could give away the object's location! The difficulty of each iSpy game should remain the same regardless of how many people have played it.

Instead of removing players' solutions from the website we re-worked it and added a new feature. You will now only see solutions on the website when you are logged in and:

  1. You created the game

  2. You already played the game

We also added an extra bonus feature. If you can see the solutions for a game, hover over the thumbnail to see it larger.

By: Greg G. on Jan 21, 2010
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