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Control Your iSpy Games

Today we launched a couple new features to give you better control over your iSpy games. Now you can:
  1. Delete your iSpy games
  2. Toggle your iSpy games between active and inactive

Deleting iSpy Games

If you're not happy with one of your games for any reason, delete it. Deleted games are gone forever so be careful! Also note, this will remove any XP you earned for creating the game.

Deactivating iSpy Games

But what if you don't want to delete a game completely? Maybe you want to continue sharing the game's webpage but don't want players to play the game. In this case, simply deactivate it. Only active games will show up in the community list for other iSpy players to see. You can toggle games between active/inactive as often as you like. There are many interesting ways of using this feature and we are excited to see how you use it.

For example, this weekend at MacWorld 2010 a San Francisco artist re-created sculptures of Greek Gods rocking out to iPods. The sculptures were only there for the weekend, but made awesome iSpy games. So we created iSpy games of these sculptures and then deactivated them after the event was over. I can still share the website link to these games with my friends, but I don't have to worry about it showing up in the community play list now that the conference is over.

Login to the iSpy website to see the new buttons on your games. We hope to integrate them into the mobile apps soon.
By: Greg G. on Feb 15, 2010
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