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iSpy Game "The Master" On The Amazing Race Finale

iSpy Game "The Master" Shows Up In Season 16 Finale Of The Amazing Race

At SplitP we are big fans of the TV show "The Amazing Race". They basically invented Real World Gaming. This week in the Season 16 Finale, remaining teams flew to San Francisco where one of their final tasks before crossing the finish line was to solve a popular iSpy game!

After climbing Coit Tower teams were instructed to find a Yoda Fountain. Turns out, The Amazing Race wasn't the first one to discover that fountain, Mulvaney created that mission months ago and called it "The Master". A few weeks back, casi and I explored The Presidio and solved that game as well! Too bad it wasn't the same day The Amazing Race teams were there.

Mulvaney's Original ImageCasi's Solution
By: Greg G. on May 13, 2010
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