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New Update Puts iSpy On The Map!

iSpy iPhone MapToday we are happy to announce iSpy for iPhone version 1.2 is available in the iTunes App Store (visit the App Store on your iPhone and run your updates!). This update is sure to change the way you play and experience the game forever!

Exploring your city just got a whole lot easier with iSpy's beautiful new map view. Here are a few great ways to utilize the new map:
  1. Now you know exactly which direction to go explore because you can see where you are in relation to the missions around you.
  2. See a spot on the map with a bunch of overlapping images? Its probably a great spot to explore/solve lots of missions.
  3. Going on a trip? See if there are any interesting missions in that area before go and bookmark them.
  4. Dream of visiting a far away land? Pan over to another country and tap "Load Missions Here" to see what people all over the world are doing with iSpy.
  5. Travel back in time! Seeing the missions you created/solved on a map brings back some great memories.
That's not all! Besides the map, there are a bunch of features and tweaks:
  • See how long its been since a mission was created
  • Pull down on the list view to refresh it with new missions in your current location
  • The create button was moved down, front and center
  • Sort mission lists by distance or time (iOS4 only)
  • Stars are changed back to bookmarks. Sorry about the confusion!
  • Minor bug fixes
The easiest way to get the new iSpy is to visit the App Store on your iPhone and run your updates! or you can download it here. If you have any questions or problems we're always available to help at
By: Greg G. on Apr 06, 2011
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