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Taking Comments To A Whole New Level!

As the iSpy community grows, so does our desire to communicate with one another. Not that its been impossible (where there's a will, there's a way), but we hope that these new features will inspire fun conversations around the interesting things we see on our iSpy adventures.

New Commenting System

iSpy CommentsiSpy's new comment system is tightly integrated with the comments you are already familiar with. Previously you could only comment on a mission when you were solving it, now you can comment on any mission anytime you want from both the website and mobile website (iPhone app coming soon).

There are lots of interesting ways to utilize the new commenting area. A few may include:
  • Let another player know what you think of their mission. (eg. Beautiful photo!)
  • Solved the mission but didn't have time to leave a comment from the app? Now you can leave a comment when you get home.
  • Have trouble solving a mission? Ask the creator for a hint!
  • Notify the creator that their mission is no longer there and should be deactivated

Replying, Mentioning & Notifications

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? I dunno, but if you mention another player or leave a comment on their mission they should definitely hear about it! There are two ways to be notified of a new comment:
  1. If you comment on another player's mission they are notified
  2. If you mention another player (by adding an @ sign in front of their username) they are notified
For example, Mulvaney and Casi would be notified if I commented on Mulvaney's mission with:
"Amazing spot, I should take @Casi here".

I would be notified if Mulvaney replied to my comment with:
"@GG be sure to go on a weekday when there are less people"

If Mulvaney wanted both Casi and I to be notified, he could have said:
"@GG @Casi be sure to go on a weekday when there are less people"

As with other forms of notification we take special precaution to ensure users privacy. You can also adjust your email notification settings on your profile at anytime.

Comment While Verifying

One thing we're really excited about is commenting while verifying! I'm sure like us you've seen a few creative and startling missions while clicking through the verify screen. Now you can let players know what you think about their mission/solution while browsing through recent iSpy solutions.

Want to try out the new comment stuff? For unknown reasons "Turtle Ride" has been our mission of choice for building and testing. So to keep the spirit alive head on over to "Turtle Ride" and let us know what you think.
By: Greg G. on Apr 06, 2011
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