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Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down

"How did you take this picture!?" JaMoFo wrote in today very confused about this iSpy game of the clock tower at AT&T Park. He stumbled on it while verifying Mulvaney's solution (go figure). While I won't give away my secret (yes it's real and I challenge you to take the same one) it did bring up a good question about verifying.

In the description of the game I wrote "Gotta get the clock up close". Mulvaney's solution is clearly taken from far away, so do you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down? We are purposely vague about the rules for verifying. That's because it's up to you and the rest of the iSpy community to decide. We take your votes, average them out, and when it reaches a certain threshold, award the points (or not) depending on the consensus of the community.

Be sure to read the game's description when verifying and don't be afraid to give someone a thumbs down if you think they solved the game incorrectly. In the end, truth always prevails.

By: Greg G. on May 25, 2010
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