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Community Guidelines

Real World Gaming is all about having fun and iSpy is no exception. The iSpy moderation system helps keep the game fun and safe for everyone!


The best part about iSpy is that all the missions are created and played by the community. On the flip side, managing all that content is a massive undertaking. That's why we rely on the community to help us keep the content fun and safe.

How can I help?

As you play iSpy you will notice a tiny flag alongside any user generated content. If you feel the content is inappropriate or violates these community guidelines, flag it to alert our moderation team.

What should I flag?

Something you think is inappropriate might not be to the person who created it. So how do you know what to flag? Below is a list of guidelines I think we can all agree on. We recommend flagging content if it:

  1. Contains pornography or sexually explicit material
  2. Is violent or encourages violence
  3. Contains or encourages dangerous or illegal behavior
  4. Violates someone's privacy
  5. Is threatening
  6. Impersonates another user

What happens when I flag?

When you flag content it instantly alerts our moderation team. We review flags 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After reviewing your flag we may decide to remove the content, edit it, or leave it as is. No matter the outcome we appreciate your help.

We Take This Very Seriously

For the most part, iSpy is all about fun and games, but moderation is something we take very seriously. We don't want to, but sometimes we may have to terminate accounts who violate our community guidelines. Also note, that flagging content in an attempt to "game" the system may result in termination as well.

If you have any questions about moderation or flagging content please visit the help section in our forums. Together we can help keep iSpy a fun/safe game for everyone to enjoy!