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General Questions

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General Questions

Why can't I create and play iSpy missions online?

iSpy is a Real World Game. In order to play and create missions you need to go out and have some Real World Fun. Don't being lazy.

Solving Missions

What can I do if there are no missions nearby?

No missions nearby? Then make some! You are actually lucky! Being the first to create missions in a particular area gives you an opportunity to score maximum P's because everyone in your area will see and play your missions. You can also hit up the verify screen to watch other players all over the world solving iSpy missions in real time.

What if I can't find the object in the picture?

Some missions are simpler to solve than others. If you have done everything you can to solve a mission, but you just can't seem to solve it, you might want to move on. Bookmark the mission so you don't forget it! You never know when you might bump into it. When you get home, you can comment on the mission and even ask the creator for a hint.

What is that circle on the map?

When an iSpy mission is created, we capture the creator's mobile GPS accuracy. Sometimes the GPS is very accurate, other times (like if you're under ground) the phone "guesses" where you are. The circle represents the accuracy of the GPS. The object you're looking for is somewhere in the circle.

What are bookmarks?

Bookmarks are missions that you've saved. When viewing a mission from the app or website, tap the bookmark icon to see it show up in your "Bookmarked" list.

I saw something about difficulty. Whats difficulty?

In iSpy v1.0 players could set the difficulty of their mission when creating it. This allows the creator to adjust the size of the circle on the map and essentially "hide" their mission making it more "difficult" to solve. The larger the circle, the more XP you'd get. We thought this would be a cool game mechanic, but it turned out to be a bit frustrating. We're looking at ways of possible re-introducing difficulty as a more fun mechanic in the future.

Creating Missions

How do I create a mission?

iSpy missions can only be created using the mobile iSpy app.

What if the object of my mission moves?

We recommend not creating missions around things that move around. If this does happen however, you can deactivate the mission.

Why can't I upload a picture from my album?

Being required to "take" a photo locks in the missions authenticity. If people could upload photos, there would be a lot of random junk.

What if I make a typo while creating a mission?

After a mission is created, you can edit it from the website. Make sure you're logged in, find the mission from your profile page, then click "Edit" on the top right of the mission's details panel.


Why do we verify solutions?

When you play a mission it needs to be verified by other iSpy players before you earn your XP's (experience points). This makes sure people are playing the mission correctly. We have some secret verification processes happening under the hood, but we still need you to verify the object in the picture! Maybe some day we can do some cool image recognition? Even if we did, it is fun seeing other player's solutions and seeing who has played your mission. So help us out and verify as often as possible!

How do I verify?

Verifying can be done both online as well as in the mobile iSpy application. The verify screen shows you two pictures. The picture on the left is the object of a mission, the picture on the right is a player's solution to that mission. To verify, give the player a thumbs up if they solved the mission correctly or a thumbs down if they didn't.

What do I get for verifying?

Why you so greedy?


What is a P?

P's are points =)

What is a XP?

XP's are experience points. You earn experience points for the experiences you have in the real world.

What is a BP?

BP's are bonus points. You earn bonus points for non-real world experiences.

How do I earn points?

There are currently 3 ways to earn P's when playing iSpy:


Why do I have three rankings?

Each player is ranked locally, regionally and nationally. That means you have a different rank in your city, state and country. So you may be ranked 10th in your city, but 100th in your state.

Why doesn't my ranking change?

Rankings are calculated every night ta 12am PST. So check in to see your new rankings on a regular basis.

How is my rank calculated?

Ahh wouldn't you like to know? =) The more fun you have the higher your rank will be.


What if my username is already taken?

Usernames are given on a first come first serve basis. If someone else already chose your username try changing it or adding a number to the end of it.

How do I change my profile picture?

You can change your profile picture in the iPhone app. Tap "Edit Profile" on the Profile screen, then "Change" next to Profile Picture.