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iSpy with my little eye...
A fun new way to explore your city

How To Play iSpy

About iSpy

iSpy is a modern twist on the popular game - "I spy with my little eye..."

iSpy players earn points (P's) for participating in scavenger hunt style missions created by the community. Each mission contains a picture of an object you need to find in the real world. Solve the mission by finding the object and snapping a picture of it. iSpy missions are created by players like you! If you see something cool, share it with the iSpy community by creating a mission of your own. The more missions you solve and create, the more P's you get!

Solving iSpy missions

iSpy is all about getting out and experiencing new things! Launch the app and instantly see a list of iSpy missions nearby. Each mission features a photo of the object you're looking for, a map and comments from other players who solved the mission. Use this information to help you zero in on the location in your quest to solve the mission. Once you've located the object, tap the "Solve" button to snap a picture of it. Don't forget to try and include yourself in the picture!

Creating iSpy Missions

Not a lot of missions nearby or see something that would make a fun iSpy mission? Tap "Create" to quickly build an iSpy mission of your own. Make sure the object of your mission is in a public place and be creative! The more fun your mission is, the more people will want to play it. The more people who solve your mission, the more P's you earn!

Verifying Solutions

Watch people play iSpy all over the world in real time without leaving your house! Every mission solved is verified by other members of the iSpy community through our verification process. The verify screen shows you the object of a mission alongside another player's solution. Give them a thumbs up if they correctly solved the mission, or a thumbs down if they didn't. This is a fun way to keep involved in the community when you can't go out and play.


Every Monday night we calculate the rankings of every player in the community. Each player is ranked locally(city), regionally(state), and nationally(country). The more real world fun you have the higher your ranking will be!

Earning P's

P's are the currency of iSpy. There are two types of P's you can earn:

  1. Experience P's (XP)
  2. Bonus P's (BP)

Experience P's are awarded for the experiences you have in the real world and Bonus P's are awarded for everything else. There are lots of ways to earn P's in iSpy:

  • XP for creating missions
  • XP for solving missions
  • BP when someone else solves your mission